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       └ eilizabeth asked: Lee and Clementine or Joel and Ellie?

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"We did this together. When I strayed, he guided me back. When he faltered, I pushed him forward. Our lives have been built on ascension and here we are, with war and resistance behind us and the spoils of victory ahead. For years, now, I have called him brother. Today, I call him King."

Yuma Lau about Pagan Min (x)
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hi hey i hope you havent?? been asked this before but do you know any good gaming blogs to follow :o ,,,, my dash is fricken dead


Hi! No one asked me this before and so here are some of my favorite or just hella rad gaming blogs I follow and I recommend you to follow them ♥  :  verggil , chaoticpirate , troybakerofficial , rahgot , condvitdishounored , troybakerz , esteljune , carmine-brothers ,paganminsahtabai , aidnpearce ,spookypearce , thebigbadbae , porcelain-infinity , valriderdefinitiveedition , inquisitioncullencalicojack , thatkaidanbooty , saviorofthedas , paganmin , parkerlinguinii , alistairrtheirin , kokkonoa , darkymoony , oktoberfresh , dlsnrowe , yvsuf , thisgirlgames , hanclsomejack , dewitten ! 

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Troy Baker stars as Troy Baker in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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"You are perfect, Jason.”

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Should I play all of the Far Cry games in order or just start with 4?

It is whatever seems fit to you, my friend. The first game I played from the series was #3 and is now, one of my favorite video games. I’m not too sure what kind games you are into so it might be an issue.

Also, none of the games have connection to each other. All different stories with different characters. 

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jason-brody said: Jason/Ajay 0u0!

I wasn’t sure if you wanted them both or just one but w/e HAVE BOTH 

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symbols of mass effect (x)

do not remove caption

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When people mix up the words ‘stop’ and ‘shoot’

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